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That would be Wednesday! My day off.  Sometimes I have things to do, sometimes I don’t.  When I don’t have any money to spend, I don’t!  I stayed at home which did me a world of good! I had a chance to rest my knee for starters–I was kicked by a horse 8 weeks ago–any lower she would have shattered my knee, now I merely suffer from almost constant aches and shooting pains and it gives out any time it wants to but I digress…

I also sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and wrote three pages! Handwritten pages.  I was on a roll!  For those of you who have been following this blog, you will know that writing has become scarce for me as I tried to market my writing programs.  I was getting ideas and jotting them down but not actually writing!  So this was HUGE!!

I am out of the starting gate for a sequel to Mystery in the Attic.  What I wrote probably won’t make it into the book but it’s still a start.  I have put pen to paper and I have started a new novel.  There are many more things to do but all in good time.

The weather continues to be gorgeous this weekend and I have every intention of sitting down this afternoon on my parent’s deck and write while they build a deck.  I’ll also keep an eye on the ball game, of course!

I have once again reached the point where I feel like I’m a butterfly trapped within my cocoon–if I could shed that (that being my full-time job–where the income comes from I’m afraid) I could do all these things–I could fit them all in–spread my wings and FLY!  I could plan, I could write, I could teach.  This happens often and it’s difficult to work around that feeling.  Know what I mean?

As always, I will keep you posted!