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Now I’m stumped!

I wrote the Epilogue for Caprie–no  problem, had a “Four Years Later…” wrote that section, no problem.  Then I moved on to Chapter 1 and I had such fun writing from the 12-year-old and 16-year-old perspective that it made me wonder about writing this as a YA instead?  BUT…

I also wondered about the adult Romantic Suspense where I was going to say it’s now 9 years later and she’s 25 and she’s working doing ____________ and she’s out there finding missing person’s and sometimes getting into trouble doing it because not everyone believes.

The same would go from the perspective of the 16-year-old who I could place in Co-op and have that placement help her in her quest.

So I find myself at the fork in the road wondering what it is I should do.

Maybe onto one of the other sequels?

I used to hate pre-planning, fleshing out the plot from beginning to end and now that I’m stuck, I feel like maybe that’s a better idea.  On the other hand I have actually done that, I have it in black and white for the YA sequel to Changes in Time and I’m questioning it.

Breathe… I think that’s what I’ll do for now!