It has been a long year since I’ve written anything!  Sure, I’ve managed here and there to write a few words but nothing like I have in the past.  I even missed Nanowrimo this year because life was too busy!!

I have, however, managed to have kid’s classes running almost constantly and the Button Factory is still working hard to keep my programs going though they didn’t run in January–I think that’s due to the scheduling–3 weeks in a row.

I have other ideas now and it’s getting harder to bring my mind back to writing!  I indulged myself two weeks ago in a day called “Flirting with the Arts” put on my Meg Leslie Creative.  Of course we always attend these things and then have ideas for our own… but I went in order to surround myself in creativity.  And it worked, a bit!  I have written an article that I’m trying to sell… we’ll see how that goes!

Until next time, when I hope I have put more words on the page for myself rather than for everyone else!

Until next time!