I don’t have the time (though here I am a’bloggin’!)
I don’t have the energy
I have 4 projects on the go and I keep jumping from one to the other
I have another huge project hanging over my head that has nothing to do with writing!

The latter is it!  Oy! I’m in trouble.  Check out my bizgro blog for all the details on that.

I taught the last of 3 sessions a week ago and it was terrific.  Time was a little short and I learned something new that I have to get in there–it will never end will it?  I will be adding onto this program until the end of time!

So that’s it for now.  My apologies for not getting on here often enough.  As you can tell, if I don’t have time to write than I don’t have time to blog.  I have to find a way to start making these things happen before I pull all my hair out in frustration!

Until next time then!