I’ve finished editing my book!!

The Writing on the Wall is on it’s way to being published!!

What is it about?

Rebecca is a thirty-something young woman who finally buys the house of her dreams as a little girl.  She hires a contractor to do some refinishing for her and he discovers writing on the wall after he strips away age-old wallpaper.  Since the information scribbled there looks serious, they call in the contractor’s best friend Chad who’s a detective and his father David who is an historian.  They don’t think there’s anything to the old writing and since it’s 63-years-old they don’t think much more of it than history but as Rebecca starts to research who the people are as much out of curiosity as for research for a new fiction novel, odd things start happening including someone breaking into her house.  The danger increases and her new romance with David blossoms, almost overnight.  Eventually it all comes to the culmination with a final break-in at Rebecca’s house bringing life-threatening danger and a final break-in at David’s and a slight twist in the end as to who did it!

Moving on…

Catch ya later!