Yeah, I know, I’m one of how many thousands that have decided to blog about my writing career, or rather, the lack thereof.


I have been writing for 10 years.  I’ve self-published 6 of my novels as well as a single non-fiction book under a pen name.  CPN Publishers in Britain published 2 of the titles that fall into the 6 I mentioned above but the business went under and took my books with them.

It seems that I keep writing, fighting off writer’s block and writing some more, but I don’t seem to get very far!  Is it me?  Is it my writing?  Is it what I write about?

My novels are love stories.  I can’t explain it any more than that.  I always enjoyed reading romance novels, except that part at the end where the two main characters end up breaking up and then getting back together again–does real life work that way?–not usually!!  So I decided to start writing my own.  And each has its own unique outlook on relationships including relationships from the past that move forward in paranormal ways.

If you’re interested, stop by www.lulu.com/worksbyplc and check out my titles.

Catch ya soon!